Year 3 - Folly Fields

Our classroom is already filling up with the children’s cave models, which they constructed with families during the summer break. They look amazing!! Bats, beds, books and even biscuits were some of the ’special’  items which the children chose to display inside their caves.

The Autumn (History) topic is  ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’.  We will be using the near-by forest areas as a link to the topic, to add a sense of ‘wild’ environment. Children will research Andy Goldsworthy’s art and produce their own patterns using natural objects. That should be thrilling! A visit to Cholesbury Iron-Age camp will help them begin to understand how landscapes can change over time.

‘Europe’ is the (Geography) topic from January, so we shall use our Atlas’ to explore the UK and other countries locations, their physical landscape (mountains and flat land), main rivers and key capital cities. We may even find some popular holiday destinations!

Our second History topic of the year, studied in the summer term will be Ancient Greece, which we shall link with English, by reading and discovering a variety of Greek myths. The hilarious, ‘Horrible Histories’ sketches will be fun to watch too!

Each term the children will have either a trip or a visitor organised, to add to their learning. 

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